Wednesday, April 23, 2014

If You're Going to be Evil....from Poot's Perspective

  One of the best things about going on random sites and reading blogs is finding those that refer to you (or something / someone you played). I of course am referring to Dyvers Campaign's "If You're Going to be Evil

 Beyond the overview that Charlie gave, let me give you a real perspective, the Poot perspective.....

(It's OK, I'll rub your back)
(NOTE: Charlie was wrong, I played a bard, not a wizard)

As Little Boy kept droning on and on about the atrocities that would befall us, I couldn't help but sigh considering how tame the campaigns he had run before had been. The fact that Charlie and I had killed six players in our last outing by *cough* failed heal checks (see neck break), warped my fragile little mind enough that I wondered where this could really go to surprise me. As I completed my half-elf, (yes, I am a glutton for insults and punishment, believe me my brother lets me know repeatedly) bard (seriously...glutton...) I listened to Little Boy snort at Charlie's choice. Then I saw the brow raise.

(Lose the ears and make him shirtless, there's our Charlie)

Oh I couldn't help but smirk as I saw Charlie reach the point of escalation. There's something that our friends have finally realized when it comes to Charlie and myself, when we reach that certain plateau, the gauntlets come off, generally in some one's orifice. As Neverwas and Little Boy kept on laughing about how the bard (god yes, i love the punishment) and cleric would be 'easy pickings', Charlie and I began to plot. As the game began, Biggboy, Charlie, and I moved into the quaint little town while the others were behind us, I ignored Neverwas as he moved ahead, really hoped he would die quickly in this one.

 As Biggboy and Charlie moved forward into the Armory, I stepped in as well; it never hurt to gather a few extra trinkets. Moving to the smaller section of knives, I listened as Charlie split the shop keep's head like an over ripe melon. Biggboy and I laughed as we started to gather items of interest to us. I decided since I took a few skill points in lock picking, I might as well get a few sets of thieves' tools. Moving through the shop, We quickly gathered all that we wanted and began moving to the exit as the sheriff 'miraculously' (see bullshit) appeared and announced we were under arrest. Not to be out done, Biggboy split the officer in twain. Quickly moving out as Charlie set the shop ablaze, I helped move throughout the fire line to aid (loot) those dying on the ground from the two axes and daggers. 

  Even though the campaign had barely begun, the most 'deranged' member of our group stared open mouthed at Charlie as he ripped his campaign a new one. Try smiling for the reach around next time. I couldn't help but laugh as Neverwas yet again rolled a new character (new record, he lasted 15 minutes with his first one this time!) as Biggboy gleefully took the first PK of the night. Oh yeah, this would be a good campaign alright...

More later.

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