Friday, May 9, 2014

FAQ for 'If You're & Smith Family'

I am sure some might be curious as to why I am writing certain posts by Dyvers' Campaign from my own perspective. So I hope to answer this and other questions that might have come up since the launch of my own blogs.

Are you and Dyvers the same person?
 Some people might be curious if Dyvers' and Poot are the same, they are not. Charlie (Dyvers) is my brother and cohort in many things that the statute of limitations might still be in effect for so we will not delve into those at this time.

Why don't the two accounts have similar names?
 This is not an insult to my brother, but due to my profession, I want to keep some anonymity. I keep a strong professional sense at work and do not want to have my employer have to misgivings about my hiring. Though it wouldn't be hard to find out who I am, I want to keep some distance from this persona and my professional side. Please don't take offense, I would just hate for someone to view me as less than a diligent worker due to me referring to the non-consensual sex with a mythical flame breathing serpent.

Are the stories real?
This is a funny thing due to some of my friends who have read this and questioned the validity of a fantasy game being real. Truth of the matter is yes, these campaigns did happen, and though Charlie and I have given a little embellishment. (Dragon rape totally didn't happen, though Biggboy did fuck a couple of donkeys in those lonely campaign nights.)

That brings up one, what's with the names?
I believe Charlie brought this up himself but I will reiterate. Though we have no issue writing these stories, the one thing that we would hate is for someone we know to lose their own anonymity due to our actions of vilifying or apotheosis of a character or decision we might highlight.

Do you and Charlie not like the other players?
 On this, Charlie and I disagreed for a long time but after a few years of knowing some of the members, yes there were a few that I did not like. Though we might not have liked them, we tried to treat everyone the same. The difference between Charlie and I would be that I have played in more campaigns then he has. (No competition, I was just able to bring him into this wonderful community and he has run with it.) For the treatment of the other players, there were multiple factors in how we treated them: their decisions, how much alcohol we had consumed, if I had a migraine. We tried to be fair here.

Why don't you post as much as Charlie?
 That's kind of easy to answer. Unfortunately, due to my profession, I work roughly 10+ hours a day 5-7 days a week. I also have a wife and two children, so I try and spend a lot of my time with my children before they go to sleep then I try and write.

How many chapters will there be for these stories?
 For 'If You're Going to be Evil' I will more than likely keep the same amount of chapters that Charlie has at eight. For 'Smith Family', I don't know as of now, more than likely the same amount.

Are you going to write only about the campaigns you and Charlie played in?
 Absolutely not, I will be writing about campaigns that Charlie was not in or was the DM for. Also I plan on writing about some of my own misadventures as a DM. While we have very similar interests, I enjoyed White Wolf and other settings that Charlie did not, and vice-versa.

Would you care if I shared, re-posted, or published these posts?
 Personally, I would be very honored if someone felt that my writing was enjoyable enough to share with others. All I request is full credit and link back to my original posts. You may not publish these for profit without my permission.

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